Drupal 7 theme – Mobile boilerplate

Mobile Boilerplate is a professional front-end template that helps you build fast and robust mobile web applications. Spend more time developing and less time reinventing the wheel.


Mobile browser optimizations.
CSS normalizations and common bug fixes.
A custom Modernizr build for feature detection and a polyfill for CSS Media Queries.
Home page icon for Android, iOS, Nokia.
Cross-browser viewport optimization for Android, iOS, Mobile IE, Nokia, and Blackberry.
Mobile IE conditional switch.
Better font rendering in Mobile IE.
iPhone web app meta.
INSTANT button click event.
Textarea autogrow plugin.
Hide URL bar method.
Prevent form zoom onfocus method.
Mobile site redirection.
User Agent Detection.
Apache server caching, compression, and other configuration defaults for Grade-A performance.
Cross-domain Ajax.
“Delete-key friendly.” Easy to strip out parts you don’t need.


Setting up repository for the first time

git clone --branch 7.x-1.x shafiqissani@git.drupal.org:sandbox/shafiqissani/2078519.git mobile_boilerplate
cd mobile_boilerplate
p.s. status: work in progress

College Website – My first project !

I had mentioned earlier on twitter that I will be uploading some recovered data from my broken hard drive. So here is the first one.

Following is the link to a self extracting archive of the first project I ever did. The college website! …with help of the Subhash Dasyam.


This is a very very very old project. The structure of the website and code is horrible and outdated.

Make sure you scan this for virus. Most systems in our college were compromised. Also there should be a php shell in there somewhere … we used it for administrative purposes only.  :)

A thank you shout out to Mrs. Aruna Ranganath (CSE Head of Department) for getting me involved.

Ahhh… I feel nostalgic.  :)

Typo3 Reference Manuals – A Google Chrome Extension

Following is the link to *my first* google extension.

It’s a collections of Typo3 reference manuals taken straight from typo3.org website.

It’s not nearly what I’d call a cool extension, but hey it helps. :)

Anyway, this google chrome extension is for :

  • Those who don’t have good internet connection. Link in India.
  • And those who don’t like to go away from the browser to read or search something in the typo3 swx reference manuals.
Ok, so heres the link :  http://projects.issani.in/chrome/ext/t3refmans.crx

If you’re wondering why I didn’t put this on Google Chrome Extension Directory, its b’coz I couldn’t. The file size is 19.86MB. And Google has set the extension size limit to 10MB. But if you got any solution let me know.

Tip: use ctrl+F or F3 to search.