Ubuntu 11.04 Alpha 1 x64 Vmware Image

My friend JD uploaded a Vmware image of Ubuntu 11.04 Alpha 1 so am sharing it here :




Attributes : 

64 bits 

Gnome desktop

VMWare Image

Compressed size : 832 mb 

Actual size : 3.25 gb 

RAR compression in best mode (took about 20 mins to compress)

Fresh installation

PASSWORD: password

Ram 1GB

All other settings default

Installation with easy install, including vmware toolsBuilt on Vmware Workstation Windows 7.1.2 build-301548No software updates done.

Awesome ( and slightly hilarious ) email from Weebly

We haven’t seen you for a while,

It’s been 7 days, 4 hours, 13 minutes and 2 seconds since you last logged in, and we’re starting to get really worried.

We were just getting to know each other. You created 1 site, 1 page, dragged on 1 element, and then… nothing.

We were really excited for your new website, it had so much potential!

If you ran into any trouble along the way, we’re here for you. Making your own website is fun, fast and easy with Weebly. Best of all, you will have a website of your own to show to customers, clients, family or friends.

So we’ll make it really, really easy to start working on your Weebly website again: just click here!

If you have any questions, we’d love to help. Feel free to visit our Support Center or email us at support@weebly.com.

The Weebly Team