Typo3 Reference Manuals – A Google Chrome Extension

Following is the link to *my first* google extension.

It’s a collections of Typo3 reference manuals taken straight from typo3.org website.

It’s not nearly what I’d call a cool extension, but hey it helps. :)

Anyway, this google chrome extension is for :

  • Those who don’t have good internet connection. Link in India.
  • And those who don’t like to go away from the browser to read or search something in the typo3 swx reference manuals.
Ok, so heres the link :  http://projects.issani.in/chrome/ext/t3refmans.crx

If you’re wondering why I didn’t put this on Google Chrome Extension Directory, its b’coz I couldn’t. The file size is 19.86MB. And Google has set the extension size limit to 10MB. But if you got any solution let me know.

Tip: use ctrl+F or F3 to search.


Published by

Shafiq Alibhai


2 thoughts on “Typo3 Reference Manuals – A Google Chrome Extension”

  1. Hi, I just switched to Chrome since the latest version of Firefox is having some major problems communicating with Typo3. Is there a way to enable RTE in Chrome? That is the only option missing, and it’s one I use quite a bit.

    Thanks so much!



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